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Who I am: A young woman traveling through the labyrinth of life, stumbling over obstacles, and reaching for the light out there somewhere.

Why I write: Because it's the only way I know to find the words inside me and put them out into the world

Favorite color: Cerulean

Favorite animal(s): Shark, cat, Dolphin, horse

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Current location: Honolulu, HI

Favorite city: Brussels, Belgium

Interests: Snorkeling, dancing, photography, swimming, hiking, running, reading, making art, Harry Potter, sharks, nerdfighting

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You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.
— Paulo Coelho

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Busy busy like a bee

Just wanted to write this somewhere, not thinking anyone on Tumblr will actually care. ;)

So, this semester, my 3rd year of university, has been far busier than any other semester, even this past spring when I was taking 7 classes. For reference, this semester I am:

-Taking 6 classes (4 classes, 2 labs, but still)

-One of those classes involves me basically trying to teach myself physics in order to pass the class (=/)

-Still working roughly 15 hours a week at my school’s library. Which I recognize isn’t the hardest job out there, but it takes up time and energy.

-Acting as a mentor for 2 Honors freshmen

-Working to set up my NOAA internship for this summer…you know, once NOAA is actually working again…

-Volunteering one morning a week at my professor’s OI lab working with triggerfish

-Acting as a member of the “core team” of our school’s marine mammal stranding program, which involves several hours per week volunteering cleaning up, organizing, in addition to helping with the animals when we get them. And being in charge of texting a group of people when animals come in.

Phew. Add in hours of homework/studying and exercising at least 30 minutes a day (even just yoga to keep me sane), I don’t even know what time is anymore. So busy, so many hours of the day and week taken up by things.

And yet…I’ve never been happier. I am involved with so many things, helping me get a foot or two into my career field. I am surrounded by people and friends and wonderful mentors. I am tired, yes, but so happy. So happy I’m no longer stuck in that bone cage. Goodness, how much has changed in 3 years.

Also, funnily enough, I’ve never really been more on top of things. Being so busy, I don’t really have the option to procrastinate if I wanted to, so I find myself being very proactive and efficient studying and doing homework, so I always do manage to carve out at least an hour or so to wander on the internet or read. 

Did you know…it’s so wonderful to be alive? So wonderful to be busy. Wow. Life is amazing. 

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Be who you want to be. Never let yourself be diverted from the path you want to take. Don’t let other people create the path for you. For example, if your parents want you to be a doctor but you want to be a musician, be a fucking musician.

Indeed. You are never going to be happy if you try to live your life for someone else. Live for yourself first. Do what makes you happy. And hopefully, those you love and who love you will see your happiness and feel it with you. Regardless of what they want(ed) for you.

Be yourself. It’s the only person you know how to be naturally. 

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Revelations: The Beauty of Life in Recovery

These past few weeks have been…amazing, honestly. I’ve slowly been making little changes in my life to increase my happiness and sense of peace this semester, after being lonely and sad and confused last semester. I got lost, I think, in the midst of moving off-campus and being away from home for basically 18 months. I’m finding myself again. 

For example, even though it bugs me still that no one ever really asks me to do anything, and I have to plan activities first, I’ve been doing it. I ask friends to go to the mall with me or just go get frozen yogurt on Friday nights. I spent only probably 1 or 2 days of Spring Break alone. The rest of the 9 days I was off on adventures around the island, hiking and snorkeling  or at least hanging out with friends, laughing and drinking wine and watching Doctor Who. I gathered a group of friends together to go get grilled cheese this past Friday on National Grilled Cheese Day. I try to seek out friends in the library in between classes and just generally talk to people more. If my one roommate who’s actually my friend is in the dining room when I’m cooking, I talk to her instead of being quiet. 

These may all sound like trivial things, but they have been huge for me. I really do suffer from social anxiety, and anxiety in general. Social interactions don’t always come easily for me. I’m an introvert, so I can easily get overstimulated by crowds. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like people. On the contrary, I love people. Spending time with friends fills my heart and reminds me of just how loved and special I am.

I also found out on April 1st that I was one of only 100 or so recipients of the Class of 2013 Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship from NOAA, which…well, really is a huge deal. It takes a lot of financial worries off of  my shoulders, for one thing. But it also is going to offer me numerous wonderful opportunities, working with NOAA, and an internship next summer working on a project at one of the facilities. I honestly was not expecting to get the scholarship, and I am still in humbled awe two weeks later. I’m still not sure it’s real, even though I just sent them my official signed acceptance. Maybe by the time the orientation week comes around in May I’ll finally believe it’s real? 

Okay, and i generally don’t like to brag, but my parents keep telling me it’s okay. And my friends as well. I guess I get embarrassed sometimes  worrying that people will think that I think I’m better than them. Which, as a longtime sufferer of anorexia and anxiety and self-doubt, is the opposite of how I think. But anyway. After I got the acceptance, they e-mailed me with some of the comments the reviewers made on my scholarship application, and I’d just like to share a few of those: 

Reviewer 1: Your essay cogently describes your career goals and how they relate to NOAA’s mission. Your academic coursework is outstanding. This application is one of the strongest this reviewer has seen in her years of reviewing Hollings Scholarship applicants. As you prepare for your career in Marine Sciences, this reviewer hopes you will consider employment with NOAA.

Reviewer 2: It is refreshing to see such focus at an early stage. I encourage you to continue along this track to help the shark situation. Continue to make good impressions such as those you clearly made upon your recommendations and you will do well in career, which I hope includes NOAA!

Pretty amazing, no? Talk about a much needed confidence booster. Talk about words I can keep in my arsenal as tools against Ana when she tries to whisper harmful and mean words in my ear. 

Also, recently, I’m about 85% sure I’ll be studying abroad in Australia next semester, so long as I get accepted o the university housing there and I obtain a visa okay. Yet another amazing opportunity.

All in all, life is good. I have a future. I’m excited. I’m happy. I have friends and family and professors who support me, helping me to continue to overcome my eating disorder and sometimes debilitating anxiety every single day. I will admit sometimes I’m still too much afraid of my future and everything that’s out there. Three years ago, I was dying—I didn’t think I had a future. And now I do. So many doors are open for me. I am thriving and I am living. And I am so grateful.

Now, to counter that, one of my roommates this past year has been continuously mean and bitchy (though I hate that word, there’s nothing better to use) to me this whole year for no real reason. Over winter break, I experienced my first real form of cyberbullying, when she sent me a series of very angry and irrational messages on Facebook while I was at home. At the time, I was really hurt. I was sad and confused and  worried about what other people thought of me. Did everyone think the same things she did? Was there something really wrong with me? I was terrified to return to my apartment, with her and two other virtual strangers, though I did still have my one friendly roommate there. I was homesick and sad for the first month I was back in Hawaii.

Until I remembered I can decide how happy I am with myself. And, as I detailed above, I really  have done so. Situations with said mean roommate never improved, and actually got worse if that’s possible.

On Friday, after a stupid spat over trash, she sent me yet another text message, with phrases calling me a bitch, how she never should have lived with me, etc. I vaguely read this over before heading out to dinner with friends, not really caring anymore. Later that night, I had a huge revelation: It doesn’t matter what she thinks of me. At this point, I am happy with myself and my friends and where my life is. I have countless friends, all across the country, from all walks of life, friends who have known and loved me for over 10 years. My family loves me. I am strong and free and wanted and unique. Truly, by constantly feeling the need to put me down to make her feel better about herself, she’s hurting herself more than she’s hurting me. 

I don’t CARE what she thinks of me anymore. I don’t need her approval. I have my own approval, and the love and support of countless people all across the world.

This was huge for me. I try to not care what other people think of me, but sometimes I can’t help it. I seek out the approval of others, wanting to appear perfect and kind and such. This desire to please everyone certainly was a significant cause of my eating disorder and constant anxiety. I still do want love and friendship, but I know now I have that. I have friends who remind me every day  every time I talk to them, how much they value me as a friend. And how much I value their kindness and friendship. 

Bullying sucks. I dealt with it last year from roommate sand this year as well. But I don’t have to react to it. The universe is a wonderful place full of wonderful people. Humanity is good, by and large. And I just need to remember how much I am loved and how much I have. I am blessed with starlight and love and a future. That’s all that matters to me, really.

Ultimately, life is good. I love being alive, with friends and opportunities and love. I don’t think I will ever completely break free of my eating disorder or anxiety, but I am 1000x better and happier now than I was 2 and a half years ago. I never would’ve guessed this is where I’d be today.

But I am.

Have faith. Trust yourself. Trust the universe. Trust your family and friends. The world is beautiful, despite the sadness and losses. You are beautiful, and you can overcome. You are strong and filled with powerful light. Let that shine out the negativity from everywhere else.

I promise it’ll be worth it every step of the way.

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Just some late night thoughts when I should be going to bed but am instead working on a lab due in 3 weeks.

I realized that almost no one I currently spend a lot of time with knows that just 2 and a half years ago, I was on my deathbed. That 3 years ago, I was slowly dying. And the few who do know my story weren’t there to see it, so they can’t really know how far I’ve come.

I’m not complaining, really. I’m glad I haven’t let my anorexia or my recovery define who I am today. But I do feel sometimes likely my eating disorder history puts a thin wall between me and other people, because it forever sits, cold and dark, in my heart. I’ve been places, thought things, that many people around me never have. 

I miss my girls who walked through the chaos with me toward the light. I miss them and love them always, even from 3,000 miles away. 

I love my life, for the most part. I’m not happy all the time, but I’m proud of the woman I have grown into. I love being alive, despite its miseries and loneliness. I am so glad I chose to walk away from the comfort of death in 2010. Even if this world contains pain and grief and loss, it also contains immeasurable beauty and love and hope. And I want to see as much of it as I can in my time. Dancing, singing, loving, laughing, free of the monster who caged me for so many long years. 

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Trip the Light

If all the days that come to pass
Are behind these walls
I’ll be left at the end of things
In a world kept small

Travel far from what i know
I’ll be swept away
I need to know
I can be lost and not afraid

We’re gonna trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
When we trip the light

Remember we’re lost together
Remember we’re the same
We hold the burning rhytm in our hearts
We hold the flame

We’re gonna trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
When we trip the light

We’re gonna trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
When we trip the light

I’ll find my way home
On the Western wind
To a place that was once my world
Back from where I’ve been

And in the morning light I’ll remember
As the sun will rise
We are all the glowing embers
Of a distant fire

We’re gonna trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
When we trip the light

Come on and trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
We’re gonna trip the light

We’re gonna trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
When we trip the light

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You’re reaching out
And no one hears you cry
You’re freaking out again
‘Cause all your fears
Remind you another dream has come undone
You feel so small and lost like you’re the only one
You wanna scream ‘cause you’re
You want somebody, just anybody
To lay their hands on your soul tonight
You want a reason to keep believin’
That someday you’re gonna see the light
You’re in the dark
There’s no one left to call
And sleep’s your only friend
Well even sleep
Can’t hide you from all those tears
And all the pain and all the days
You wasted pushin’ them away
It’s your life, it’s time you face it
— David Archuleta

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A letter to those in Recovery entering college

I wanted to write this letter to a couple of my friends from treatment who will be off to college soon or have already arrived at their colleges for wonderful new adventures. But once I thought about it, I figured maybe I should allow it to have a broader audience.

If you ever need help, or someone to talk to, please, PLEASE feel free to message me here on Tumblr in my ask box. Never, ever, should you feel alone. Because you aren’t. Someone is always here to listen, and I want to be that person if you need it. 

A letter to those in Recovery entering college:

Aloha. And Congratulations! You are about to embark on a truly exciting new adventure. I am sure you have many expectations about what college will be like for you. And let me tell you, you will be surprised at how college actually turns out. Not necessarily in a bad way, but no one can truly know what college will be like until they are actually there. So don’t be upset or scared when things go differently than you planned them.

I know, I know, all of us have control issues. We don’t like chaos. But college is chaotic. It is scary. I’m sure your parents are scared. And it’s okay to admit that you are too. Trust me, almost everyone heading off to college is at least a little bit scared. Yes, even the ones not battling eating disorders and recovery. 

But I hope you are excited too. I hope you can learn to live with the chaos, because so many beautiful adventures and opportunities will come from that chaos. Now time for a story, and some advice.

I, personally, have been in treatment (inpatient and day) twice for anorexia, for a month in 2009 and for 3 months in the fall of 2010. I missed out on almost the whole first semester of my senior year of high school, and yet I somehow still managed to come out on top, valedictorian with a 4.8 GPA. And yes, I missed a lot of the fun activities. I was stressed, trying to balance recovery and therapy with my perfectionist desire to do the absolute best schoolwork I could. But I am so grateful, still, for those 3 months of intense treatment. It wasn’t easy (of course not) and there were a lot of days I wanted to give up. Even in the early parts of 2011, I struggled to believe in myself. I struggled with believing I deserved recovery and happiness and my dreams. I was afraid of growing up. 

So, then, you may ask how I ended up in Hawai’i for my freshman year of college in August 2011. How I ended up dancing on the beach with my friends late at night. How I ended up finishing that first year happy and healthy, continuing to work through my struggles and self-doubts.

Answer: A lot of hard work, a lot of spirit, and a strong sense of belief in myself. Through 2011, I found people I could be myself with. I found ways to express myself. And I discovered the simple beauty of breathing every day. While I still doubted myself in many ways, I found friends, laughter, dance, dreams, hope, and love. I found myself again, separate from the nagging voice of ana. I embraced the beauty in chaos and opened my heart to the world. And I began to believe I deserved happiness and life. I wanted to chase my dreams, ana be damned. 

I know most of us don’t believe in ourselves and don’t believe we deserve anything good. In fact, the moment something good begins to happen to us, like a new job, a new school, friends, a boy/girlfriend, etc, we begin to slip again. Relapse. Because we believe so strongly that we do not deserve the good that we create that dark hole for ourselves, as if we are telling the world, “See? This is who I am. I am worthless. I deserve nothing, not even food.”

But that’s ridiculous. You, whoever you are, deserve EVERYTHING. You deserve to have a happy life, free from the worries of calories and exercise. You (yes, you) deserve to be happy.

As radical as that thought may be to some of you, it’s true. Now onto the advice.

You may be reading this having been in recovery for 5 years. 1 year. 6 months, as I had. Maybe you don’t trust that you are fully in recovery. Maybe you’ve been in treatment so many times the doctors have given up on you. (Don’t listen to them.)

But no matter the length of your recovery or the length of your sickness, all of us share one thing: we struggle with self-doubt, self-criticism, and poor body image. We desire control, and we scream through silence. And we take out all of that through food and exercise: the easy things to control for us.

It is so easy to fall back on eating disordered habits the moment we step into college. So many people do: they go through one week, one month, one year and they fall back again. Back in treatment, doubting themselves, perhaps feeling more worthless than ever, because they cannot fathom the idea of believing in themselves. 

You might still live at home. You might live in a new town. You might live across the ocean. You might go to college with friends, or you may be faced with the prospect of meeting allnew people. Your classes may be hard, or they may be easy. Your dining hall might have amazing food, or it might have food worse than hospital food. ;)

No matter what, you will be faced with chaos. You will likely be lonely. You will be stressed. And, yes, you will be afraid. So you want to go back to restricting. Over-exercising. Binging/purging. Building a bubble around yourself. Because those things you have control over, and trust me, your life will seem to lack a lot of control in college.

But relapse is not the answer. Here’s my advice to all of you on how to thrive in college, while still working positively and strongly through recovery:

-This may sound stupid to people, but make sure you have food you like. Store snacks in your dorm room. If you know you won’t wake up for breakfast, have cereal or oatmeal. Plan your meals if you will miss lunch, dinner, etc because of class. This is the part all of us hate so much, because we hate thinking about the food. We’d rather not, of course. But you have to, to stay strong and healthy and thriving. You don’t have to meal plan, but you do need to make sure the “oh, I missed lunch and dinner because of class today so I guess I won’t eat” excuse doesn’t push you towards relapse.

-Stay in touch with friends back home. In the scary transition meeting new people, make sure you have people you trust and who know you to talk to.

-But, put yourself out there. Even if you came with friends from high school, make an effort during welcome/orientation week to meet new people. Maybe you won’t become friends with them, but you will become more comfortable with talking.

-Set up a strong support system in your new town, if applicable. Find a therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, nutritionist, as needed. At the very least, find out if there is a school therapist available for you. I know some of you would rather forget therapy, but you never know when you will need that support system to fall back on. 

-Set up a strong support system of friends. If you feel open to it, throughout the year begin to tell new friends about your eating disordered struggles. So many people in college are struggling or have struggled with an eating disorder. I think you will find people in college to be so much less judgmental than people in high school. Do this as you feel comfortable, of course, but don’t be afraid to open up. People will accept you for who you are. And they may thank you for sharing your struggles and inspirations. 

-Try new things. Go to a party (I was never a party girl before college). Go snowboarding. Join a crazy new club. Take a class you never would’ve considered before. Go out for late-night dinner on a Tuesday. Stay up until 2 am talking when you should be writing a paper. Talk to people in your hall, in your classes. Sit with strangers in the dining hall. Truly, college is where you can find yourself and discover new dreams and ambitions.

-Don’t be afraid of being afraid. Before I left for college, I told my treatment therapist how scared I was. And he told me that was good because it meant I would be on the alert for eating disorder habits, symptoms, emotions. I wouldn’t let myself relapse. I’m not saying you should be terrified, but don’t hide your feelings. Talk to your RA, if you need to. He/she has been trained to listen and offer advice. S/he’s been a freshman in college, and is close enough to your age that they will understand. Talk to friends, either back home or new at school.

-Keep things with you that inspire you. Notes of encouragement. Painting supplies. Etc. Find ways to express yourself and ways to remind yourself why recovery is worth it.

-Exercise, but within limits. This is a tricky subject for all of us, but little bits of exercise can reduce stress and prove to us our strength. Do yoga. Go for a jog. Hike with your friends. Swim in the ocean. Play that game of soccer on the field outside your window. Don’t let your eating disorder hold you back from these wonderful opportunities. 

-And finally, know your weaknesses, but embrace your strengths. Believe in yourself. Recognize how far you have come, even if you are struggling still with the idea of recovery. That belief and the actions you take will get you so far. Grasp hold of all of the opportunities offered to you in your new life adventure. College is a wonderful place in our society, where we are treated like adults but still in a safe environment (without bills, worrying about furniture, etc) so we can pursue our dreams and discover new things. 

Love that. Live that. It is beautiful to be alive.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you might need it. That shows more strength than anything else. Recovery is harder than living with your eating disorder. But, recovery is 1000x more worth it.

Live. Breathe. Trust. And know you are beautiful, strong, and deserving of everything.

Good luck. And congratulations again. Not just on college, but on how far you have come and on how far you will go in the future. You, truly, are amazing. 

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I feel like there are two kinds of people in the world. There are people who walk on sidewalks, and people who, if there is a ledge nearby, will instead hop up on the ledge and walk there, arms out and balancing. I’m a ledge walker.
— Kristina Horner

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How much am I losing because I’m afraid of what might happen if I really do live? How much are we all losing in our lives because we are afraid? What are we afraid of? Life? Love? Happiness? Success? The truth? The world? The future? Who we really are? How am I supposed to know who I was really meant to be?
— Me, Please: NaNoWriMo novel 2009

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I’ve got two daughters who will have to make their way in this skinny-obsessed world, and it worries me, because I don’t want them to be empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones; I’d rather they were independent, interesting, idealistic, kind, opinionated, original, funny – a thousand things, before ‘thin’.
— J.K. Rowling (via internal-acceptance-movement)

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This tower will be a symbol of hope rising from a scene of tragedy.
Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, on what Tower One will mean to America

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I watched Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero last night, and it made me cry. The people who have put their lives into doing this are so amazing. They are the hope for America. 
The fallen are rising again. And it’s beautiful. 

I watched Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero last night, and it made me cry. The people who have put their lives into doing this are so amazing. They are the hope for America. 

The fallen are rising again. And it’s beautiful. 

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© Ashley Herrin. Shenandoah National Park, July 2010

© Ashley Herrin. Shenandoah National Park, July 2010

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