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Who I am: A young woman traveling through the labyrinth of life, stumbling over obstacles, and reaching for the light out there somewhere.

Why I write: Because it's the only way I know to find the words inside me and put them out into the world

Favorite color: Cerulean

Favorite animal(s): Shark, cat, Dolphin, horse

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Current location: Honolulu, HI

Favorite city: Brussels, Belgium

Interests: Snorkeling, dancing, photography, swimming, hiking, running, reading, making art, Harry Potter, sharks, nerdfighting

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This truly is beautiful. Their basketball is so breathtaking, so wonderfully melded and crafted, and I love them for it. Each and every one of them. <3

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Poor Manu :(

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Poor Manu :(

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So I woke up at 6:45 this morning to watch the first Spurs playoff game. Granted, I normally wake up at 6:45 every Sunday for work, but this was my day off (Easter), and I really wanted to watch a basketball game. 

I watched the first quarter while in the gym at my apartments. Then I watched the rest of it remotely via Skype with my dad. 

And I couldn’t stop smiling watching my boys play! I’m pretty sure the last NBA/Spurs game I was able to watch was last year’s finals. So long ago! I just love watching basketball. It’s so quick and athletic and sometimes graceful and sometimes ridiculous (especially Ginobili), and just so amazing. I’m glad I was finally able to watch a game, especially since I probably won’t be able to watch another one until after finals are done (May 7th) and/or I get home (May 12th).

I then proceeded to do 6 hours of homework/studying….But, despite that, the basketball made it a good Sunday! :D

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Manu Ginobili!!!!!!!!!! <3 My favorite player, for sure. 26 points leading Spurs to a 101-98 win over Oklahoma City. :)

Not only is he a good player, he’s also plenty good looking… ;)

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