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Who I am: A young woman traveling through the labyrinth of life, stumbling over obstacles, and reaching for the light out there somewhere.

Why I write: Because it's the only way I know to find the words inside me and put them out into the world

Favorite color: Cerulean

Favorite animal(s): Shark, cat, Dolphin, horse

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

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Favorite city: Brussels, Belgium

Interests: Snorkeling, dancing, photography, swimming, hiking, running, reading, making art, Harry Potter, sharks, nerdfighting

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Okay, so I know I already posted this video, but after reading The Fault in our Stars last week, this song really started to resonate with me in a different way. Because, yes, it resonates with me and Nick in some very odd ways I do not entirely understand. But I also definitely think this could be the song of Hazel and Gus, their infinite forever amid a short and tragic now. 

What do my fellow Nerdfighters think?

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I love Reina so much. Her lyrics are so beautiful, and you can tell watching her sing that she feels strongly about everything she sings.

Also, in many confusing ways, this song connects to my relationship (?) with Nick. 

I miss you. I love you. I feel you. <3

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