The Future is Porcelain

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Who I am: A young woman traveling through the labyrinth of life, stumbling over obstacles, and reaching for the light out there somewhere.

Why I write: Because it's the only way I know to find the words inside me and put them out into the world

Favorite color: Cerulean

Favorite animal(s): Shark, cat, Dolphin, horse

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Current location: Honolulu, HI

Favorite city: Brussels, Belgium

Interests: Snorkeling, dancing, photography, swimming, hiking, running, reading, making art, Harry Potter, sharks, nerdfighting

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It’s real for us
It’s real for us
It doesn’t matter what the Muggles say
‘Cause it’s real for us.

We can do magic, can do magic, can do magic
If we stand together, stand together, stand together, stand together.

"It’s Real for Us," Lauren Fairweather

Hogwarts is real. For me, and for all of us who grew up loving Harry and experiencing life and loss with him.

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Close my eyes (maybe I am only dreaming)
Try to lie (to myself you are only sleeping)
Close my eyes, I close my eyes

And so the phoenix cries
And so the phoenix flies
I got to always keep in mind
Another great adventure waits
On the other side
I’ll see you on the other side

— Ministry of Magic, “On the Other Side”

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