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Sharks of Venezuela (photo set)

text by Our Amazing Planet staff

Venezuela has banned shark finning in its waters this week, making it the last country in the Americas to outlaw the practice, which involves cutting the fins off of a live animal and tossing its carcass back into the ocean to slowly die.

So, Lemon Sharks (Negaprion brevirostris), like the ones pictured above, are now protected by the shark fishing ban implemented in the Los Roques Archipelago off of Venezuela. Sharks are highly susceptible to overfishing because they are long-lived, reproduce infrequently and have few offspring when they do. Scientists estimate that up to 73 million are killed annually for their fins, primarily due to increased demand for shark fin soup, particular in China and southeast Asia…

(read more: Our Amazing Planet)       (photos: Federico Cabello)

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    Venezuela es el último país en el Continente Americano que prohíbe el tipo de caza de tiburones que consiste en...
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    Relatively cheerful news concerning Venezuela what.
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    It’s a BABY lemon tho!!! And good on you, Venezuela! Bans don’t necessarily stop all shark finning as there is always...
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